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Futuristic Cookbook Recipe (Zombiestyle)

This literally involves whatever you can get your hands on.  Preferred items would be items high in protein and essential vitamins that are not perishable for long periods of time, … Continue reading

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Resident Evil (Image)

Probably the most popular view on zombies currently is through the Video Game Series made into movies: Resident Evil.  These games were my favorite as a child, which means the movies … Continue reading

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Buzzkill: Tyson debunks zombies (News)

News article/video: The Daily Show with John Stewart hosted Neil DeGrasse Tyson as a guest and had him use his science powers to debunk zombies on this planet.  Not … Continue reading

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Investing?! (News)

News Video: Apparently one can invest in zombie stocks now.  What’s the rule of stocks?  Buy Low, sell High?  But since the premiere of The Walking Dead, these stocks have … Continue reading

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RFYL: Reborn through Human Management (News)

News Article: This is an update to a previous news article posted on this site.  The Company, Human Management, has officially taken over the Zombie-Themed runs.  This is extremely good … Continue reading

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Experiment (Video/Image)

I love these types of experiments!!  This is utterly amazing!  The make-up and everything!  I’d probably be the person punching and running.  My all time fear of zombies would drastically … Continue reading

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MMmmmm…Zombies (Part 6)

I take back my previous post. Entirely. I watched a television show called Jeremiah the other day.  That is how humans would survive.  Even with this impending zombie doom, they would … Continue reading

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