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Survival Video

This is a cute little video with some good advice on current views of zombie surviving.  I feel like it is similarly related to the “Duck and Cover” video from … Continue reading

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RFYL Cancelled, can zombie 5K’s be reborn? (News)

News Article:,0,419777.story Related News Article: It’s a happy day on Halloween…sort of.  Run For Your Life Zombie 5ks have been cancelled.  Run For Your Life ( is a company … Continue reading

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MMMmmm…Zombies (Part 5/6)

Whenever I wonder what the world would look like after humans, I think of Chernobyl.  And I think of the one Japanese town (I can never remember the name).  Literally, … Continue reading

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Mmmm…Zombies (Journal Part 4 of 6)

We have so many ways that zombies are visualized….How will they really be?  Will they be slow?  Or fast?  Or intelligent? I had a dream a few days ago where … Continue reading

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MMMmmm…Zombies (Journal Part 3)

There’s something thrilling about zombies.  I dream about them.  Every day.  Every night.  I walk down the street and I visualize what it would be like.  You know, in the … Continue reading

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Plants vs Zombies: From Zero to Hero! (News)

I purchased Plants vs. Zombies on a whim when my friend told me to buy it.  I knew nothing about the game at all, but I figured, “Meh, it’s only … Continue reading

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The Show All Zombie Lovers Talk About… (Image)

This picture is HUGE!  And I meant for it to be!  No Spoilers here, because the following words that the American population can’t wait to hear: “Previously on The Walking Dead…”  … Continue reading

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