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RFYL Cancelled, can zombie 5K’s be reborn? (News)

News Article:,0,419777.story

Related News Article:

It’s a happy day on Halloween…sort of.  Run For Your Life Zombie 5ks have been cancelled.  Run For Your Life ( is a company based in Maryland, and they cancelled their events abruptly, left runners speechless.

These 5k’s are a preset course where people dress up as “zombies” and they take away your health bars, which are flag football style flags around the waist.  Along the course, there are health packs, but in order to be a “survivor,” one has to cross the finish line with at least one health bar fully in tact.

Why cancel the events?  These runs have taken the spotlight across the country and they have cancelled with out any real reason.  Another company was allowed to continue the races for those who had already purchased rather expensive tickets at no extra cost.

I’ve been training to do one of these, so hopefully next year they will be back!

Luckily, a company in Colorado is attempting to Revive


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