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MMmmmm…Zombies (Part 6)

I take back my previous post.


I watched a television show called Jeremiah the other day.  That is how humans would survive.  Even with this impending zombie doom, they would band together in these tight little groups and fend off these things and be wary of outsiders.

They would be thieves and morals would be thrown out the window.  Jericho is another great example of ta television show that shows how people would react.  Just add the threat of the Zombies and we are all set for a very realistic zombie apocalypse.

My question for this Journal is what would people do?

To ensure their own survival, they would steal, lie and cheat, yeah?  Or would they be honest and accepting of new people?  The Walking Dead is a decent show, but it is a drama, where more people die from stupid mistakes than they do from zombies.  Is that how it would be in real life too?

I don’t even know anymore.  My entire view has changed with these new recent developments.

I might post an extra Journal for some closure on this subject.


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