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MMMmmm…Zombies (Part 5/6)

Whenever I wonder what the world would look like after humans, I think of Chernobyl.  And I think of the one Japanese town (I can never remember the name).  Literally, homes empty, cars abandoned…paper scattered everywhere, leaves covering the ground, and plants growing through the cement.

We tend to imagine that zombies would only affect humans.  What if they don’t?  What if there are zombie dogs and zombie cows and zombie fish and zombie everything.  Our protein intake would go down drastically, unless we decided to have a moving herd of stuff with us.

NO, what I would want…would be a horse.  I could move around more quickly.  Ride to the NW area of the United States, and settle in Oregon or Seattle.  There is a very comfortable year-round supply of foodstuffs if you know where to look.

Would humans become nomadic again?  Would we be able to remember how to fend in the wilds?

That is a question I don’t even know how to answer.  Mainly because I agree with Max Brooks…Humans would die due to lack of survival skills, NOT from zombies.


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