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Mmmm…Zombies (Journal Part 4 of 6)

We have so many ways that zombies are visualized….How will they really be?  Will they be slow?  Or fast?  Or intelligent?

I had a dream a few days ago where I was an archaeologist on a dig site.  I was heading the expedition when we uncovered a door.  The doorway was horizontal, but we were able to break through the dirt.

Through this doorway, there was a tunnel.  Through this tunnel, we walked way down into the Earth to the opening of the cave.  The fire went out, and we saw that they had their own lights.  These rocks glowed brightly, illuminating everything, and even supported some basic plant life.  There was a battle going on between Vampires and Zombies.  The zombies were intelligent and when everyone saw us, they had ambassadors come over and talk to us.  We weren’t captured, we were just taken to where there was food and water…and we all sat down to have a civil conversation.

Turns out there was this rock that may or may not exist, but it was the center of their religion.  The battle was to see who the rock truly belonged to.  This rock was their God, so to speak.

The vampires offered me a glass of milk, so I could continue producing Vitamin D…And then I woke up..


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