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MMMmmm…Zombies (Journal Part 3)

There’s something thrilling about zombies.  I dream about them.  Every day.  Every night.  I walk down the street and I visualize what it would be like.  You know, in the movies, there are never any bodies in the streets from people who have actually died.  Everyone is inside or a zombie.  I’d probably be one of those that “turned” due to random bite or something; my husband thinks otherwise.  Dreaming about these things every night, he’s consistently elbowed in the stomach, or kneed in some awkward fashion.  When he asks what’s wrong, my response is always the same.  “Go to safehouse X: here are the directions…”

Apparently they’re pretty damn intricate.  He sits and asks me questions.  I always wake up feeling great, while he wakes up with a slight cough and his kidneys hurting.

Then I ask myself, why am I obsessed with zombies?  Knowing that most of the people I love would be dead or worse, I still think about this subject quite frequently.  It is something I am still hammering out to this very day.  All I know is: I have a plan…kind’ve.

1. Never stay in one location for more than 6 hours.  If you were supposed to meet up with someone, leave after that 6 hour mark and go to the next meeting place.

2. Always carry water with you.

3. Know basic survival skills such as lighting fires and having a buddy with you.

4. Eat.

5.  Keep it light.  If you are going to constantly be moving, you need to keep it light.  No inventory of guns here…maybe a knife and a hand gun.


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