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Plants vs Zombies: From Zero to Hero! (News)

I purchased Plants vs. Zombies on a whim when my friend told me to buy it.  I knew nothing about the game at all, but I figured, “Meh, it’s only ten dollars.”  That was easily the best ten dollars I’ve ever spent in my entire life, and I have a lot of nifty things lying around my house.  When Plants vs. Zombies came out in May of 2009, it quickly grew in popularity, ingraining itself into our culture.  There’s a mini-game referenced in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, in which one can obtain the singing sunflower pet and if one survives 15 waves of the Peacebloom vs. Ghoul mini game, the achievement “Don’t Want No Zombies On My Lawn.”  EA also announced a first person shooter style of game in 2012.

I myself have over 140 online hours logged onto Steam.  This number does not include time spent playing on my phone or my Kindle and playing offline on my laptop.  It’s a very easy and fun game to pass the time.  The game has five different levels, each with ten sub-levels where “waves” of zombies crawl over your lawn to try and get the brains.  There are many mini-games in the game that you can play separately, as well as a number of achievements that can be obtained.  The game also includes an interactive “Zen Garden” where you can grow your own plants and farm for cash to grow your Tree of Wisdom.

There is currently an outrage from Android users surrounding the sequel: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.  Plants vs. Zombies 2 was released in July 2013 for iOS users and will be released soon for Android devices.  The game is being offered for free for both devices and was an instant hit with fans.   I have Android, so I haven’t been able to obtain a copy of PvZ2, but when I do I will probably follow suit after the other thousands of people waiting just like I.  The only thing we can do is defend our lawn.

Attached here is an article from NBC News concerning the series.


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