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The Show All Zombie Lovers Talk About… (Image)

Daryl Dixon!!!!

This picture is HUGE!  And I meant for it to be!  No Spoilers here, because the following words that the American population can’t wait to hear: “Previously on The Walking Dead…” 

The first episode aired on October 31, 2013 and was an instant AMC hit.  The story focuses on Rick Grimes, a Sheriff who was injured while apprehending criminals.  In the very first scene, he is seen rummaging for gas and other valuables when he encounters a walker, a little girl who picks up a teddy bear.  I’m not going to go further into the plot, because the show is an absolute MUST SEE!  The television show has entered every day life.  There is a huge cult following for Norman Reedus’s character, Daryl Dixon.  This crossbow hunting zombie machine has fangirls everywhere hooked.

How is it in our culture you ask?  Look around you.  There are Daryl Dixon shirts everywhere.  Walking Dead memes are flooding the internet, more are appearing as it gets closer and closer to Halloween.  Action figures, fan blogs, fan fiction of possible ways the show could have gone, etc.   It’s quickly becoming an American obsession.  During these times of crisis in our country, with our economy tanking and people around us constantly losing their jobs, it’s like our current opiate for the masses.  Entertainment is a quick solution to a long term problem.

The show is so realistic in the sense that every episode, there is a sense of urgency for food, safety and the need to find other people.  If other people are found, there is a huge lack of trust.  It’s a drama, and a good one.  The show is based off of the graphic novels, The Walking Dead.  Just like any transition from paper to television, there have been some changes made in the story line and series.  The following article does contain some spoilers, but it outlines some of the major changes present in the series:


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