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MMMmmm…Zombies (Journal Part 2)

I view this as a legitimate question.

There are so many ways that our culture has expressed how zombies come to be, function, and their ability to be killed.  What troubles me is that we do not express whether or not their body functions.  This particularly concerns the zombies that are undead, such as those portrayed in AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Sure, they can control their muscles to an extent and can walk around, but does this mean their heart is beating?  Is there life in the dead?  Do they digest what they eat?  Or is it more like the anime series Attack on Titan, where the titans cannot digest human flesh, they just consume it because they think it’s delicious (Of course, we don’t know the real reasons why the Titans are attacking, we just know that they do).  So, more importantly, do zombies poop?  Personally, I think it’s horrifying to think there are carnivorous, cannibalistic beings out there that can’t control their bowels.  But fortunately, one could smell them before seeing them.

I take pretty much everything I see literally.  So when something is brought to my attention, I think about it meticulously until I have thought of every possible angle (without outside help).  My husband says that I always ruin the best of things, but having contemplated the prospect of zombies since that fateful day when I first saw Night of the Living Dead, it’s been somewhat of something to curb my thought processes.  They are referenced everywhere!  Even some of the first written records and societies show a huge reverence for the dead.  It is something we’ve been contemplating for thousands of years!  So naturally, we’ve also contemplated the return of the dead.

What do you think?  Do zombies poop?

Photo courtesy of the Facebook group: People who comment below will survive the zombie apocalypse.


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