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An Interview with a Fellow Zombie Enthusiast!

I want to thank my best friend, Emily, for taking the time to answer a few questions for me!  She is currently obtaining her Masters in Computer Science!


1. How long have you been a zombie enthusiast? What made you decide to become one?

I’ve been a zombie enthusiast for years. I’m not certain I can point to an exact moment when I went from casual zombie to embracing the idea of the undead threat, but it was probably around the time I saw my first zombie movie back in high school.


2. When did you see your first zombie? (Was it a movie, television, video game?)

Books. I read a lot of fantasy literature when I was younger, and quite a few of them had dread necromancers as the bad guys. Zombie hordes are a classic choice for the aspiring necromancer to inflict upon the protagonist. Fist zombie I saw not in a book was Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell.


3. So far, there are several different representations of zombies in current pop culture, such as 28 days later and the Walking Dead. What is your favorite representation of a zombie and why?

That’s a hard one. My favorite zombie of all time is probably the Hunter in the video game Left 4 Dead 2. Something about the way they jump around makes me laugh. For a more serious zombie, I optimistically hope for hordes like the ones in 28 Days Later. In that movie, the zombies aren’t immortal death machines here to really ruin your day. Instead, they have some kind of super rabies, and die off after a certain amount of time.

For traditional the dead are rising zombies, I think I like the kind described in Max Brook’s book The Zombie Survival Guide. He has a sensible explanation for how the virus would create the zombies.


4. If a zombie apocalypse were to actually happen, what would your first instinct be?

I would pull up my zombie survival plan. I would have to make an immediate decision of do I stay in my apartment and dig in, or head for home. If I stay, I would need to fill the bathtub first thing in case the water system gives out I would still have something to drink. Then I would break out the weapons and protective clothing. The best thing to do would be to take out the stairs in my apartment so that the zombies can’t make it to my floor of the building. I have a detailed zombie plan, and I really hope I never have to use it.


5. What is the first thing you think of when I say the word, “zombie?”

My buddy Kort cussing his fool head off about them female lady zombies. I play the video game Left 4 Dead 2 several times a week with a few of my friends, and Kort is convinced that the lady zombies have some kind of super AI that makes them specifically target him. His words start getting creative as the night goes on, which amuses me greatly.


6. What is your favorite zombie movie and why?

28 Days Later for it’s gay love story. I watched that one with [Cindy], and we had quite a bit of fun making up subplots for it. If you want a more serious answer, then I liked Dead Snow. Who can’t get enthused about cursed Aztec Nazi Gold zombies? There are quite a few good movies out there. I mostly like the zombie movies that make me laugh. If the movie is just there for doing gore, then I tend to not bother watching it.


7. How would you take an average person and educate them on the threat of zombies?

I would give them a copy of Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide and tell them to read it. That book is the definitive piece of literature for zombie preparation.


8. Do you have any books, movies, or games that you would recommend to help prepare for our impending doom?

Haha, I think I just answered the book portion last question. Anyways, if you want some games, I’d suggest Left 4 Dead, Urban Dead, and The Last of Us. All three do zombies in different ways. Left 4 Dead is team based action, and gives you an idea of the types that could be out there. Urban Dead is just good fun. The Last of Us is more of the trying to survive years after the end.


9. Do you have any advice for young zombie enthusiasts?

Don’t get eaten.


10. Recently there has been a surge in zombie hugging, and those who may eventually form the zombie version of PETA. This is more prominent with our younger generations. How does this make you feel?

It reminds me of the game Dead Rising. In that game, the zombie version of PETA screwed you over in major way by releasing zombies into a crowd of uninfected people as “zombies are people too!!1!” You ended up with thousands dead because these people didn’t want to kill the undead menace and thought they should be saved. I feel they are a rising threat against humanity. Humans on the side of things that kill and eat humans? If there is no cure in sight, and no way to fix people who have become zombies, then zombie PETA is a dangerous group because they are helping human murdering carnivores. I think in our courts today you are held culpable if you help someone kill another human. By protecting things that would murder other humans, they would be condoning murder.


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