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MMMmmm…Zombies (Journal Part 1 of 6)

My very first introduction to zombies was through the movie “Night of the Living Dead.”  Filmed in 1968, it was very hard for me to realize the blood in that movie was actually chocolate syrup because I was eight when I saw the film.   I remember telling my father that no, I was not scared of zombies attacking the house, but in reality, I was terrified!  I remember having a huge meltdown in my bedroom that night because I wanted to sleep with the light on, but that’s how the zombies were able to surround the farmhouse (they could see the lights).   Now, almost twenty years later, I am a HUGE zombie enthusiast.  I love zombie movies, cartoons, puzzles, etc.  My father-in-law is confused by my weird obsession, but not weird for my generation: It’s normal.  All of my friends have zombie defense plans and a stockpile of Ramen noodles.  Children at young ages are subjected to these prospects that a plague could come and wipe out humanity because of their parents love for zombies.  Claire’s, a fashion store for youngsters, has a whole line of “I ❤ Zombies” paraphernalia.

This idea plays into a fear that it might actually happen.  Although there is a real sense of danger, there is also an element of safety.  This is an actual quote from one of my best friends:  “No, that would never ACTUALLY happen, but if it does, I’m prepared.  And if you’re bitten, I’m shooting you in the face.”  I remember this quote really well as we sat down to watch 28 Days Later.  She HATES scary movies, so she ended up leaving the room after a bit, but her words always stuck with me.  I never really figured out why until a year or so later.  There is already a preconceived idea that a zombie is not a real, living person; sure, their physical body is there, but the very soul in which that makes him or her human is lost, leaving a cannibalistic husk walking around.  Resident Evil was the first video game to play on this notion that the people they were shooting were not really people.

Food for thought:

What makes us human?  In the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, would you shoot a member of your family if he or she “turned?”  Or would you be one of those to join what I like to call the PETZ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies)?


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