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Create Alliances to Survive (Image/Video/Extra)

This is a documentary discussing the real possibility of a zombie apocalypse.  And they’re very serious about it.  The documentary discusses a wide variety of zombie related topics, from basic preparation to governmental conspiracy theories.  As a fellow zombie enthusiast, I can’t stress enough that some of the advice the video offers is pretty good, with or without the flesh eating walkers.  Another cool part of this video: Manhattan, KS is totally mentioned!  There is a real group of people in Kansas dedicated to the education and preparedness of Americans!  This is a serious group dedicated to the preparation for and survival during and after a zombie apocalypse.

I’m not going to spoil the documentary for you guys, because it’s definitely worth the watch!

Their website can be found here:


Along with this post, I would like to include the article from

This is a great article that references many realistic scenarios that could result in a zombie apocalypse and applies ways cultures across the globe have expressed them!


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