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Zombie Apocalypse: Should we be as serious as Max Brooks? (News)

Max Brooks – Photo featured in NYTimes.

Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic literature and movies are very popular in American media and religions.  A constant feeling of “something will change eventually” and “everything ends sometime” always looms over our heads, yet we walk through the same routine every day, as if nothing will happen.  Most zombie movies show an overwhelming number of zombies, and when a person is bitten, they become a zombie.  Throughout the movie, there are some losses of characters, but in the end, humans ultimately prevail.  How do they survive?  Do we as an audience just assume that they have the food and water concept automatically figured out?  Or, once they overcome the food part of the plot once, do we just assume they take the same steps in the future when food is low?

Max Brooks is super serial about the prospect of a zombie apocalypse.  He created an amazing movie, “World War Z” which is expected to have a sequel within the next few years after its amazing first few weeks in theatres all over the States.  I’m glad to see that someone kept it real when it concerns an apocalypse, and that people would die, not from turning into a brain-craving undead creature, but rather from unsanitary water supplies, lack of food and our poor lack of survival skills.  This is why his house is zombie-proof, as described in the article.

I must say, I do agree with Brooks when he discusses why horror films are so appealing to horror fans.  We have a sense of security, knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow, our bank accounts will still be there, and if we forget to eat at home, there are numerous fast food restaurants that can be used for sustenance.   As a society, we have had some scary things happen in the past twelve years, and we have been at war for most of those years with the Middle East.   So when we watch horrible things happen on the big screen, we are reminded that we are safe in our day-to-day tasks.  We know there’s no such thing as a real zombie, so it plays on our sense of safety in the fact that we know it could never happen to us.

In a society where zombie fans have huge numbers of memorabilia, both personifying and demoralizing zombies, we have become numb to the concept of an undead apocalypse.  Where will you be when (or if) it actually happens?


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